Plastic Souvenir Drinkware

About MDR

MDR is the american manufacturing company dedicated to serve the Night Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts and Travel Industry. Located in Miami, Florida, MDR Industries services customers throughout the United States and around the world.

Made in USA

Since we are based in the United States, our mold-building division, engineering department, production center, printing facility, shipping premises, warehousing and even customer service are all local. This translates into easy access, because our hours are compatible with yours. In addition, we are not acting as middlemen. This allows us to guarantee our products, and to clear up any problems immediately. Of course this helps us keep our prices competitive, and to pass on the savings to you. Finally, having all our centers locally allows for exceptionally fast turnaround time, and that includes printing. Our huge warehouse stocks almost all items and colors, and our printing facility is equipped to run 24 hours per day, including weekends.

When designing cups, MDR looks to produce products that are attractive, durable, well priced and an acceptable alternative to glass.

Our products are mesmerizing, using sleek and sophisticated designs to enhance the image of your business. We use the finest pigments, including specific mixing and matching to produce the optimal look with all our colored cups. Our transparent (clear) cups are produced from the finest materials, and are designed so that even the most discriminating eye has difficulty in telling our products from actual glass.

Our cups are also all one piece. They are not glued or twisted together, and will not continuously come apart. This of course adds to the cosmetic effect of the cup.

Our products are dishwasher safe, microwaveable, and odor resistant. This means that your customers can use the cups over and over again, with your name and logo constantly being reinforced. Of course if your customer happens to leave the cup behind, you are able to wash it and use it again too - great savings!!

MDR cups are all produced with safety in mind. Not only do our smooth, rounded lips and carefully designed sides provide for easier drinking and holding, but they also reduce potential liability. Strength of glassware is of vital importance to MDR, and unlike glass, our products are shatterproof. In fact our solid colored cups are almost unbreakable item, without the seller worrying about the potential problems arising from their broken glasses. Glass is not a good idea to use at pool areas, patios, dance floors or anywhere there is potential for breakage. Your longer lasting souvenir item will give you name recognition over and over.

Yes, MDR’s printing department will give you all the technical and artistic assistance you need to develop your logo.

We appreciate your interest in MDR Industries products.

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